with Sue Hartman

         Certified Facilitator of

            The Work of Byron Katie

"Being facilitated in The Work by Sue gave me fresh insights, new possibilities and the ability to laugh at problems that in the past would have stressed me."

       Steven, Madrid, Spain

            Author and Business School Executive Fellow

The Work of Byron Katie is a simple process of identifying and questioning your stressful thoughts so that the thoughts let go of you. It is a form of inquiry...looking within for your own answers. Anyone willing to honestly answer the questions, can do The Work!

Sue’s supportive facilitation lends ease to identifying, questioning and Turning Around your thoughts....so you get the most from your Inquiry.

Sue’s facilitation is a great investment in the rest of your life.

Offering Skillful Inquiry with Increased Ease

    “Sue created the space for me to be available to myself."

                            Carol, Virginia

"By doing The Work with Sue I have made fewer self denigrating statements and am feeling better because of it, I really believe it has helped me enjoy my golf game, not just my lower scores.”

“Immersion with Sue sold me on "The Work" and helped me to establish a wonderful habit towards self realization.  The ah-ha’s were felt in body and in mind."

            Chris, Michigan

“One of the big differences between doing inquiry on my own alone and doing it with Sue as a facilitator is, that somehow she always manages to help me get an amazing and surprising insight into how my mind concocts a particular stressful thought and why it keeps wanting me to believe it. These insights really help me dis-identify from the thought and see a "stressful situation" for what it really is: simply thoughts and a confused mind that tries to help me by believing these thoughts but doesn't realize that they do not correspond with reality any more. Thank you, Sue!” 

                Marc, Barcelona, Spain

                Graduate of The School for The Work

“When I'm being facilitated by Sue I feel a sense of spaciousness and freedom from judgment or agenda. With her I have all the time in the world to really look for what's true and I know there's no wrong answer.”

“Sue listens deeply - she seems to be doing The Work right along with me. She uses the questions and sub questions to guide me right to the heart of the matter and I'm often times amazed at where I end up! The Work is very much alive in Sue - the work seems to be doing her - and this I believe is what makes her facilitation of The Work so skillful and ultimately, so transformative.”

                Annie, Seattle, Washington

                Graduate of The School for The Work

Discovery Healing Arts and Education, LLC                                  Grand Rapids, Michigan

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To learn how to do The Work right now, click on the picture below. You will find a wealth of resources for you to explore.

Professional Facilitation of The Work with Sue Hartman moved me from a cursory understanding of The Work to a deep place of knowing the power of inquiry.  Facilitation from Sue was exactly the key I needed to move through inquiry on topics that were hard for me to face on my own and helped me know that I am capable of doing inquiry with love, curiosity and kindness.  I highly recommend Sue.  She is a great facilitator for The Work.  With her I learned to love my mind!”

                    Rhoda, Michigan