with Sue Hartman

                        Release Stress...

    Discover Peace & Happiness


Movement Education....Body/Mind Integration

Trager is a painless,

enjoyable form of bodywork,

designed to bring you into a deep state of relaxation.

While lying on a well padded table,

Sue moves your body gently and rhythmically,

allowing you to experience the feeling of moving freely, fluidly and easily.

The gentle rhythmic movements allow Sue

to loosen even the deepest places of holding in your body.

Physical and mental patterns release;

the mind calms; physical mobility and comfort increase;

blood and energy flow allowing tissues to heal.

Beginning in 1983,

under the direct training of Dr. Milton Trager MD,

Sue Hartman has provided a safe, nurturing, healing experience.

Your 1.5 hour session will include a lesson in

MENTASTICS®: simple, effortless movement sequences

you can do at work and home

to maintain and enhance the sense of comfort and

peacefulness uncovered during your Trager Session.

Sue is a Certified Trager Practitioner

What clients say about Sue’s Trager...


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