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Sue’s facilitation is a great investment in the rest of your life!

Ending Your Suffering...

            Anyone Can Do This!

Believing stressful thoughts are the cause of suffering.  Yes, it is, all in the mind!

I’m offering a simple, profound process of identifying and questioning your stressful thoughts so that the thoughts let go of you. The process is called “The Work of Byron Katie” and anyone can do it.

What I love about The Work is that it works! My life changed with the very first inquiry, the very first thought that I questioned and
turned-around. I’ve tried many things to heal myself and many helped. The Work is what has worked for me 100% of the time. I don’t say that lightly.

No matter what you are facing in life or in your head, it’s all welcome here. I invite you to give yourself my support and enjoy Skillful Inquiry with Increased Ease as you free yourself.

If I can wake up out of my stressful thinking, so can you!

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